Friday, October 12, 2007

I like Candy

This begins a regular feature (I hope) for Fridays - entitled (not very imgainatively) "Trailer Trash". It's exactly what it says on the can.

Anyway, I love this grindhouse shocker from the 1970s. "They did things they couldn't even believe!" Very groovy music and campy dialogue "Please don't put me in the hole!" I love the puns on "candy" (They sent her father a pice of Candy... in a box..."


matty said...

Please don't put me back in the hole!!!!!

(and don't take my candy --- or my ear)

I MUST see this!

matty said...

I just watched it!

Did you watch the special features??!!?

The lead actress today -- plastic surgery much?!?!?! lol!

...the noise of it all rather disturbed Bagel. I did so love the theme song.

Why was the nun walking Candy out of school, tho? ...what had she done?!?!?!