Friday, October 12, 2007

Alan Partridge II

I've just watched the first season of Steve Coogan's newish series Saxondale. I was a fan of Alan Partridge, so was interested in seeing what this one was like. This is another classic British comedy of failure. It's kind of similar - if you liked Partridge, there's a good chance you'll like this. The two men have a lot in common - both are somewhat deluded, dsyfunctional, middle-aged and terminally uncool (despite thinking they are hip). Saxondale is a little bit more likeable than Partridge though - and his girlfriend Magz (played by Ruth Jones) is a stablising influence in his life, despite the fact that she runs a shop which sells posters of authority figures mooning and smoking joints. Saxondale used to be roadie for big name bands in the 1970s and views himself as a counter-cultural figure. He has a strong dislike of "suits" who listen to Dido. However, he and Magz live in the most boring, conformist Barret Home house you'd ever see - a lot of their rebellion is simply in their minds.

My favourite character is Vicki, Saxondale's evil nemesis (played by Morwenna Banks). She's the receptionist of the agency who hands out jobs for Saxondale (he's a pest exterminator). She has one of the most annoying voices ever created and delights in baiting Saxondale (who has anger management problems) by hinting that his girlfriend is fat and that he's old and past it. "I'm only winding you up!" is her constant excuse. I am in love with her.


The Mule said...

This looks fantastic (confirmed after a visit to YouTube). I can't wait to see the whole series, though I'll probably have to wait till North American DVDs are released.

matty said...

Oh, I neeeeeeeed to see this!!!!