Monday, September 17, 2007

Sci fi stuff

The 1978 film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers is one of my favourite films, along with Alien and The Thing which were also made around that time. All three films are suspensful, scary and don't rely on neat happy endings which put to rights everything that has gone before. So I was interested but a bit wary of the new Nicole Kidman movie Invasion, which is a remake of the Bodysnatchers movie. It's received some pretty bad reviews. I saw it in New York recently, and enjoyed it, just - despite the weak ending. I think I prefer the nihilism of the 70s movies though, when movie-goers weren't assumed to be 15 year old boys with slight learning difficulties and no attention span.

I've been watching the newish tv series Battlestar Galactica recently (season 3 just came out). It's great - everything that the Star Trek series should have been but wasn't. It comes closest to Deep Space Nine, but without the silly comedy aliens with bumpy head ridges and all the feel-good shit. In BSG people make mistakes. They have angry sex, go to prostitutes, swear (their favourite swear-word is "frack") get drunk and make fools of themselves... a lot.

In Battlestar Galactica there are humans and the robotic Cylons - who look exactly like humans. Some of the cylons don't even know they're robots (yet). The humans believe in multiple gods. The cylons believe in just one God. The cylons declare war on the humans. After they blow up the human planet, a few 1000 humans escape in spaceships - the emergency president is a school teacher with breast cancer. The vice president has an imaginary cylon girlfriend who advises him, while the militia who control Galactica all have issues of their own - one has a very bad case of facial acne scarring, another is an incompetent alcoholic, while their star pilot is a very butch heterosexual woman with an attitude problem. It seems as if to be a pilot on Galactica you have to take a lot of steriods as all the men have enormous arms which the camera lovingly hones in on.

My favourite cylon is called number 6. She's about seven feet tall and towers over all the male actors. The poor actress who plays her must be on good money as there are lots of copies of number 6 so she crops up everywhere. I worry about her hair falling out as it's been treated with some kind of toxic looking substance to make it over-styled and yellow. I hope there's a cylon wig-maker, otherwise number 6 is going to start looking very patchy in a few months. It's not all fun and games being a robot you know.


Old Cheeser said...

Never seen the new Battlestar Galactica so can´t comment. Sounds quite good though. I do remember the cheesy 1970s version with Lorne Greene and that silly robot dog called Boxey or whatever it was (just trying to rip off Dr Who´s K9 of course).

The 1978 Bodysnatchers film scares the shit out of me - it relies so much on paranoia and the "are they/aren´t they" an alien factor. And so horrible that the characters couldn´t go to sleep in case they got duplicated. The ending with Donald Sutherland is horrid!

matthew h said...

Reportedly after the first season, 6 began wearing a wig because she was going patchy from her sexy robot hair.