Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making the most of where I live

So now I am esconced back in Lancaster - no more commuting! My work journey takes 15 minutes instead of 4 hours. I'll miss Bristol though. Some things I learnt from living there were:

  • take more notice of my surroundings. I used to think Lancaster was a boring and ugly place - but having not really been around it for 2 years, I'm amazed at how nice the architecture is, the trees and plants, the quaint little shops and good views - you can see the castle or Ashton Memorial from almost anywhere.

  • walk more. When I previously lived in Lancaster I drove everywhere, and we had 2 cars. I've now got rid of one car, and plan to make more of an effort to walk - better for the environment and better for my health.

  • Avoid the bits you don't like. Even if it takes slightly longer to get somewhere, sometimes the quickest route is not the best one to leave you in a good frame of mind. I won't be making any short cuts through the two depressing indoor shopping centres - they just bring me down.

  • Make the most of what the local area has to offer - Morecambe prom (now with several thousand tonnes of imported sand), the wonderful cafe Lubin, the enormous GB antiques centre, the Waterwitch pub, the new Turkish restaurant, the Dukes Cinema, the new cinema in town. And your money goes a lot further in the north...

    My fella is in China and doesn't come back until all the moving has been done. When we moved to Bristol he got out of that too because he'd broken his arm after falling down a hill in Skye. Come to think of it - he almost always gets out of moving house. I think we will have to have words when he returns...
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    matty said...

    Oh, go easy on him! ...broken bones and all!

    I'm glad you're happy where you are and are walking! Walking is good!

    Lancaster sounds neat. Just like the sound of the name.