Friday, September 21, 2007

Leave Britney Spears alone RIGHT NOW!

Britney's recent not-very-good performance at some music awards thing has had everyone from the first world who cares about such things crowing with schadenfraude.

However, it's nice to know she still has fans out there. Fans who are perhaps more insane than she is. Cue Chris Cocker who has recorded this crazed plea/threat to all those who mock Britney. It is so full of insanely quotable lines that it should be memorised in totality and quoted constantly: "All you people want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!"

Chris has been offered his own tv deal. I'm so pleased for him. Hopefully he and Britney will get to duet together... And I'm hoping John Waters is watching - John - this guy is your next 3 films.

God, shirtless shots of tv stars and Britney posts. Am I dumbing-down or what?


Kitten said...

Wow. It really reminded me of the guy who did the "My son is gay" thing. They must have been separated at birth. I can't wait to see his show. Are they going to unleash him on the Britney-haters ("they'll have to deal with ME!")? My money's on a Star Trek-esque gladiator thing where he has a pitch fork. Awesome

Fin De Fichier said...

"am I dumbing down"
Well I have my concerns HAHAHAHA. But who am I to judge - I recently posted a cute San Francisco barista.

I dunno, am I pleased for this person? I on some level I suppose I am, but I wonder if attention-seeking whores on youtube immediately being advanced to "TV deal" level, without the usual vetting process people have to go through, might not be a good thing. I've looked at a couple of his other videos, and there's just not a lot of true inventiveness or wit. If this drama queen has advanced to "TV deal" land, William Sledd should be the CEO of E Entertainment by now.

Lubin said...

I've kind of become fascinated with Chris Cocker after seeing his original video. This article gives an interesting take on him