Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To celebrate the release of Season 2 of Dynasty in the UK, here are some of my favourite clips:

Joan dances

For years in our family, this has been known as The Joanie Dance. I don't remember the exact storyline, but it involves Joan swindling some old cowboys so she can get her hands on their fortune. My fella can do a very good impersonation of it, if persuaded sufficiently.

Alexis takes the mansion

Take this JUNK and your BLONDE TRAMP and get out of my home!! A good way to get any guests who have overstayed their welcome to leave.

Fake Krystal

Rita (also played by Linda Evans, with a slightly common accent) has taken Krystal's place. Will Mrs Gunnerson realise? I can never decide between fancy French foods either.

The Moldavian Massacre

A little cast grooming for the end of Season 5.


Dessie said...

Was that Camilla Parker-Bowles in the second clip...??!

Old Cheeser said...

Great post and selection of clips, Lubin. Joan singing "See where the boys" is one of the series' highlights, she is a truly dreadful singer.

I'm really glad that they've finally brought out Season Two of "Dynasty" cos it only really got going once Alexis arrived.