Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"My mind is not yet soothed"

My Canadian friend was visiting at the weekend and wanted to try the new Thermae Spa in Bath (the one that took ages to finish and was very expensive), so we went there on Monday. I was a bit worried that it would be full (as it seems to be very popular) so I rushed us there and was buying tickets while my poor friend was eating a half-finished pie.

It was very expensive - and you had to pay extra to hire towels and robes. The changing rooms were mixed-sex and there was a locker system involving electronically encoded bracelets which I found very confusing (I felt like a pensioner to be honest, going "where are the keys Where's the men's changing room? What do I do? Help!")

The spa itself was very "modern" in design, with circles incorporated into everything. The main steam room area had four large circular glass steam rooms, each scented differently, while in the middle was a huge circular shower, big enough to accomodate about 8 people at once. It was what I imagine Dr Who's bathroom would be like, as the walls were lined with rows of circular windows, making it feel like the Tardis (circa the Tom Baker era).

Women outnumbered men at the Spa by about 9:1. Me and my friend were the only pair of males in the place - all of the other men were with their girlfriends/wives. I felt a bit out-of-place and worried that the other patrons would think we were there to ogle the women (obviously not the case). I guess going to a Spa is a bit of a girly thing to do. Some of the steam rooms were scented with lavender which made me feel choked, and there was that "relaxing" music playing (which actually makes me feel tense and annoyed).

So what with getting annoyed at the expense, confused by the locker system and single-sex changing room, intimidated by being in a gender minority and pissed off by the music and over-powering smells, I must be the only person to visit a Spa and come out feeling more stressed and uptight than when they went in.


Sparky said...

I think the lesson here is to embrace your less posh origins and keep taking your guests to Carlisle. Personally, I've been dying to go back.

KAZ said...

I feel like a pensioner sometimes - but not very often.

Lubin said...

Yes, that pensioner crack was a bit lazy of me.

matty said...

I've never spa'd --- but this looks and sounds like the spaceship in ALIEN.

Are you sure you two were not sent into space?