Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have I found out the reason for my afternoon dip?

I tend to get really tired and sleepy in the afternoon. I'd assumed it was "normal" and that I was just being Spanish and craving a siesta. However, today I didn't have a yoghurt for lunch with my soup and I didn't have an afternoon dip at all. Maybe I'm not really Spanish at all - but I've just been experiencing a daily sugar low all these years. (Must investigate further.)

I went out yesterday to buy blu-ray discs. The store assistant was impressed and asked me if I had a Playstation 3 and was it good? I love being an early adopter (kind of). When I got home I showed my fella the discs I'd bought (Mission Impossible 3, Monster House and Deja vu). "I'm guessing they don't have a very big selection of films yet" he commented. As a punishment I made him watch Mission Impossible 3 with me. When it finished he said "Well that was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back." To be honest, I wasn't paying much attention to the "story" at all, but was instead marvelling at how the 40 inch screen and high definition tv showed up Tom Cruise's crow's feet and pores in his face. I keep reading about how actors now have to be "high definition ready" and now I know what I mean. I am definitely not high definition ready. I look best when slighty out of focus so it is just as well most of my friends have poor eyesight from reading too many books.


Dessie said...

I thought MI3 was okay tbh, I bought the whole set but haven't watched MI2 yet. MI is just plain old old old. But my god don't those explosions look good? Do you have a sound system to do them justice?

And... you bought Deja Vu........? I'm watching Superman Returns, Begins or whatever the fuck he did recently, probably at the weekend. I'll let you know if it's any good.

matty said...

i didn't understand Mission Impossible part 1 -- so I steer'd clear of the sequels., Tom Cruise is kind of creepy to me.

tho, i kinda liked eyes wide shut.

yes, get to the doctor young man!!!