Friday, June 08, 2007

Nonsense over Big Brother

This story about Big Brother appeared in the Sun today:

RACIST Emily Parr hates ethnics and the overweight — and branded a black girl a “fat n*****” who should “go work at KFC”.

What's an ethnic? Surely everyone comes from an ethnic group? So does Emily hate herself?

If they're going to brand someone as racist, you'd think they'd at least think a bit about how they use language. The Sun are so clueless sometimes I want to cry.

How about this from the Mirror...

Big Brother turns Big Sister?

...The producers aim to raise the tension further by ensuring the first man sent into the house is drop-dead gorgeous. The source said: "We aim to put a hunk in first, not a geek or a gay, so the girls will get to flirt and fight over him.

Implication: you can't be "a gay" AND a hunk. Don't you love it when you're stereotyped.


matty said...

It would appear that the BBC management team is having some serious issues around race and not understanding what is offensive and wrong.

Sad --- especially when I always felt that they were more sensitive to civil right issues than US media.

What is up?!?!?! ...or, maybe it is just good for the ratings. be as offensive as possible. sad.

Lubin! Fix it!!!!!

Flaming Nora said...

I've given up and gone cold turkey on Big Brother this year. But let me tell you, I'm tempted to tune in. But I won't.