Sunday, June 17, 2007

I like Rome

Back last night from a conference in Rome. I do a lot of travel, but still haven't really worked out that other countries have different weather to Britain. So I took my leather jacket, just incase it rained or something. As it turned out, it was 29 degrees the whole time and I ended up carrying the bloody thing everywhere - I saw fashionable Romans, dressed in their tight t-shirts, eyeing my coat with amazement and disdain.

I had expressed desire to see The Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain - both have featured in films I like (The very camp Roman Spring of Mrs Stone involves "chicken hawk" (not my words) Vivien Leigh taking an apartment overlooking the Spanish Steps - and in the final scene she throws her keys done to a skanky male hooker who's probably going to rob and murder her, but she's so far gone she doesn't care. And in La Dolce Vita, Anita Ekbert jumps in the Trevi Fountain and cools herself down. All the Italians at the conference told me that they never go to those places as they're too touristy, but they made an exception for me, so a group of us headed there on Friday night. Yes, it was touristy as hell, but I loved it. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world - sunny, green, gorgeous architecture, beautiful, well-dressed people everywhere - and even though it was Friday night and everyone was out, there was no horrible sense of threat you get from being in a city centre in the UK once the sun goes down. I couldn't see any binge drinking gangs either. Some of the people at the conference theorised that Italy has organised violence, but Britain has random violence. I kind of see what they're getting at. Definitely a place to go back for a longer time.


Fin De Fichier said...

Contest suggestion: plausible name for a british organised crime organization along the lines of the Mafia. I suggest "The Monty Pythons", aka, "The MPs". That would drive those reserved BBC newscasters mad! Apparently there is already one called "The Adams Family" aka the "Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate".

KAZ said...

Ah Rome .. wonderful.
The very first time I stepped on foreign soil, it was in Rome (student train from Calais).
What a place to start a love affair with Europe.

matty said...

Wait. I thought 29 was pretty darn cold! Oh, but you must be talking Celcius. (sp?)

Ah, Rome!

...i've never been.

But, did you see Sophia?

Did you dance about in a fountain for the photographers?

Malcolm said...

I LOVE Rome - one of my favourite places in the world. I'm due a re-visit!