Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot and humid nights to be expected

Isn't the weather horrible. The British do not do air conditioning very well. We don't need it for 10 months of the year, but those hot 2 months in the summer are suffocating. Everyone walks around looking sweaty and bad-tempered, and you almost wish it was November again. But just for a second. My tip for surviving the heat - wet towels.

I am having my mortgage redone. My bank manager is one of those incredibly beautiful, socially confident and competent women who is actually quite scary. She is so amazing that she's penetrated my gay-shield and I am a little bit in love with her. She only has to look at me and I turn into a babbling wreck - this is what I imagine straight men must go through all the time. Every time I have to see her, I think about what to wear and whether she would be impressed. Honestly, it's too late in the day for me to be thinking about switching sides.

My wisdom-tooth hole is a bit better. I finished my antiobiotics today and the swelling has gone down. I have been living on soup all week. At least it's been cheap week for food and I seem to have lost a bit of weight. All this fuss over the GI diet and Atkins - when all you have to do is eat soup and get the same results.

Poor Jodie Marsh is getting married. It's for a reality tv show. She's been "auditioning" men all over the country. After much fanfare, her last reality tv show, "Get a Life" was cancelled by Living TV after a couple of episodes. I normally defend Jodie's bad life choices (another tattoo Jodie? another failed relationship? another rant?) but after reading this line "I've provisionally booked Ocean Colour Scene to play at the wedding" I had to throw up my hands. Who books a band to play at your wedding when they don't even know who they're getting married to? I think my girl needs to retire from the spotlight for a few months - it's all getting a bit desperate.


evilganome said...

America is the opposite. You could store furs in my office. I don't have A/C at home and I am happier that way. Glad to hear the tooth, or rather lack thereof is doing better. No comment on the TV stuff. I haven't watched TV in years and am not familiar with British shows. One of my office mates is a bit like your bank manager. Everyone is fascinated by her, and she's very good at managing men of all kinds.

matty said...

The south. The southern US knows how to air condition. We don't do as well in the north east. Better, but not so well. Southern California gets air-conditioning. No one has an air-conditioner in SF, tho. But, in fairness, one only wishes for it about 2 weeks out of the year.

I've always heard of the bad summers in England.

Sorry you've not been well.

Don't do it! Don't make a move on the mortgage girl! Your fella loves you!!!!

...maybe I need to have a tooth pulled. eat some soup. drop some weight!!!