Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Twenty dollars to eat food I give you. I don't eat tomorrow. Muchos gracias amigo, god help you!

The above quote is from the wonderful Mirna, half of fabulous Team Crazy in the fast-paced and often hilarious gameshow The Amazing Race. Mirna and her cousin Charla are Armenian Americans - they speak 5 languages - often, it appears, all at the same time. During moments of high octane drama, when trying to communicate with locals, they often adopt a form of pidgin Spanish which involves adding an "o" to the end of words at random: "Stop-o!", and "I have to get to the doctor-o!"

Charla has a form of dwarfism, although as we're constantly reminded, she can do anything that a regular-sized person can do and better. The pair battled it out in season 5 - highlights of which included: Charla trying to ask a working prostitute for directions, the girls carrying 100lbs of meat and worrying about getting mad cow disease, Mirna offering her prayers to Eva Peron in a graveyard, Charla getting electrocuted and their constant battling with the other teams who delighted in calling them "bitch!". As Mirna says "Being a lawyer I have to deal with despicable people on a regular basis."

Unsurprisingly, Charla and Mirna were brought back in the all-stars season 11 which ended last week. All-stars seasons are often a bit disappointing, but Charla and Mirna surpassed their season 5 hijinks by a long way. Charla's secret weapon - hidden wheels within her shoes so when the going gets tough she can be dragged along by Mirna.

Here's a scene from an early episode where Mirna goes into meltdown mode and starts channelling a 19th century peasant, while all the other teams pass them by one by one....

You have to feel sorry for the poor taxi driver - he has no idea what he's let himself in for. Thanks girls - you're true all-stars amigos!

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Tom said...

Ha, good stuff. Ive caught bits of this from allfg.org but havent seen these episodes. I may just have to download some.

I also like how certain bits are subtitled.