Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr World

I remember sneaking downstairs when I was 7 to watch Miss World on television. It was the 1970s and the contest's heydey, with cheesy music, flyaway hair, day-glo bikinis and sexist comperes. Or so I'd like to think (I don't really remember the details).

Miss World is seen as utterly naff these days (actually it always was naff) - the film Carry on Girls (one of my favourite Carry-ons) has June Whitfield playing a Mary Whitehouse NVLA type leading a gang of feminists to sabotage Sid James's beauty contest, using itching powder and turning on the sprinklers. I recall that it ends with Sid escaping from angry crowds in a child's car down Brighton Pier and then getting on the back of a motorcycle with Barbara Windsor. And somehow Bernard Bresslaw ends up with a babe.

Anyway, I had no idea that there is also a Mr World contest. This is the 2007 winner, Juan Garcia from Spain.

It's not the best picture of him I could find. But why flatter him?

I'm so annoyed I missed it. I would have especially enjoyed the talent show round which apparently featured "energetic hip hop moves", a "guitar rocker from Austria" and caricature drawing (!)

I guess some gay men and women will respond to Mr World by thinking "yum, swimsuit round!" I should really try and take the high ground and say something like "What a shame that sexual equality has simply resulted in the opportunity for men to be objectified in the same way as women."

Maybe I should take June Whitfield's lead and put itching powder in their jockstraps. That would make for an interesting contest at least...


Old Cheeser said...

Do you really want to take the high ground Lubin? Boring!!! Don't be an old prude now. A swimsuit round sounds like a bloody good idea!!

david said...

lytham st annes is nice. 30 mins to lancaster. 60 mins to manchester. 10 mins to blackpool. funky and chic and i just bought a house there and can't wait to tell london to fuck off.

Rob7534 said...

Mr. Spain is nice... but Mr. Chile makes me tingle in all the right spot, and Mr. Egypt... DELISH!