Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Manchester vs. Lancaster

Reasons to move to Manchester:

Closer to family (Leeds/Liverpool) +6
More going on culturally/shopping etc. +8
Bigger pool of potential friends +4
Somewhere new(ish) +5

Reasons to move to Lancaster

Close to work +8
Can socialise more with friends from work +3
Safer/quieter +5
Can get a cheaper and bigger place +9
The cat will be able to go out more +3

Reasons not to move to Manchester

Mortgage will cripple us -9
More social problems in a bigger city -5
Hour long commute to work -6
My fella won't let the cat go outside - 2

Reasons not to move to Lancaster

Probably won't see as much of my nephews :( -6
Already lived there for 13 years. -10
It's a bit boring. -8
I've told everyone I know I'm moving to Manchester and would never move back to Lancaster. -1

Manchester: 1
Lancaster: 3


Sparky said...


Can finally bring Sparky to Blackpool and Morecambe during the season: +2

Further from Sparky: -1

KAZ said...

Well Lancaster's gain would be our loss - but cat's are very important.

Lancaster is the devil you know and it's near some marvellous coutryside.

But never mind that - I am now addicted to *zookeeper* and it's all your fault.

matty said...


well, i think i'd move to london.


move to london.

loads to do. the queen lives there -- as well as Madonna. AND -- I hear it is quite inexpensive!!!

...manchester looks quite cool, by the way.

I need to "look" at lancaster via google imaging.

is that the midlands?

Lubin said...

You could also count the following as a reason for moving to Manchester:

... and Lou Reed playing his full 'Berlin' album on the June 29th.

Just saying 'Hello' to another 'Lubin.' (Ha, ha).

Lubin from

Flaming Nora said...

Fact that both Lancaster and Manchester are way more friendly than London even knows how to be +5

matty said...

Is London really unfriendly?

...they say that about Manhattan and it is not true.

However, Boston is not a very friendly sort of place. You sort of have to force people to notice you.

San Francisco is very friendly, but a bit surface. ...and, sometimes it's best to wear gloves.