Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Does Bravo Two Zero have a homoerotic subtext?

I keep hearing about this book - it's a number one best-seller and I think Alan Partridge said it was his favourite book. So I bought it, in order to have one of my ironic reads. I sometimes get my fella to read out choice sections of Jackie Collins novels or the Jodie Marsh autobiography to me in bed - he does all the voices. We've got a bit bored of Jodie lately, and felt that some unreconstructed hyper-masculinity with a bit of self-conscious homoerotica might make a good change.

Anyway, here's a lovely excerpt from page 18 of Bravo Two Zero:

Would they fuck us? Arab men are very afectionate with each other, holding hands and so on. It's just their culture, of course, it doesn't neccessarily mean they're shit stabbers, but the question had to be asked. I wasn't that worried about the prospect, because if it happened to me I wouldn't tell. The only scenario that did bring me out in a sweat was the possibility of having my bollocks cut off. That would not be a good day out. If the ragheads had me tied down naked and were sharpening their knives, I'd do whatever I could to provoke them into slotting me.

On the back cover, The Independent on Sunday describe this as "one of the best books to emerge from the first Gult War.. magnificent".

Shit-stabbers? Rag-heads? How did this book make the top best-seller lists? He makes Jade from Big Brother seem politically correct... Almost.

I like how he doesn't seme that bothered by being fucked by Arab men, and has already thought it out in his head. Don't ask, don't tell... There are other references to anal penetration in the book and he seems to take a long time in describing in detail the impressive physical attributes of his mates. Homoerotic subtext? Bollocks - as he would say. It's all out in the open.


matty said...

If it is good enough for dear Alan P -- it might be best avoided! LOL!

Is this for real?!?!?


Well, I have to say I love the idea of the two of you lying about with your fella reading trash novels to you in full character voices! I'm most jealous!

No one has ever done that for me. Tho, to be honest -- I've never thought to ask.

Guess I will need to see if B is up for it. Sadly, I don't think my current read list is all that exciting.

Not much (actually, there is none) fiction. ...but maybe he can do Joan Crawford's voice.

Sadly, my boyfriend is so "str8 acting" I might need to remind him of who Joan is! ...but he knows all about Barbra!

Old Cheeser said...

I have to say that's the kind of book I've never felt tempted to read but now I'm ever so slightly intrigued.

Yep the terminology the narrator uses is hardly PC - but I think it's quite accurate in terms of the language some soldiers would probably use. And as you say what's more interesting is the fact that he's contemplating being f*cked by the Arabs and he takes time to describe the bodies of the guys...all a bit telling, eh?

Rob7534 said...

I'm in the middle of Moby Dick... well more like a quarter of the way through it (it's one massive book), and I find it to be a bit homoerotic as well!

In fact I'm half tempted to rewrite portions of it into a faux-gay porn script and post it on my blog.

Not sure why I'm reading Moby Dick, prolly cause it's a classic, and it's themes are so well known to popular culture, but I've never actually read the damn thing, and I didn't want to be a Moby Dick liar, and pretend that I have read it.

I should have known I'd love it!

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