Wednesday, May 23, 2007

21 today! (not)

It's that time of year again. I'm celebrating my birthday by marking exam papers all day (a lovely consequence of having my birthday at the end of May is that for years I had to sit exams on my birthday and now I end up marking the bloody things).

This evening I will be getting drunk at home alone, breaking all the mirrors of the house and listening to a mix tape of Judy Garland until the mascara runs down my face and I collapse into a sobbing, heaving wreck on the floor. That is the traditional way for a gay man to celebrate his 35th birthday.


matty said...

Well, I hope she sang "Chicago" in that mix!

Happy Birthday!!!!!'re still a mere babe in the wood!

Tom SF said...

I was going to ask you if you thought that perhaps your non-response might be construed in a way other than which you meant and whilst the 'camp queen' response was not necessary, it is understandable?

PS I wish you'd enable anonymous postings cos I can never remember my login details for here :s


Malcolm said...

Happy Birthday :)

Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

Happy Birthday! And speaking of Judy Garland, there is an an exciting new group on Yahoo called The Judy Garland Experience. The group features ever changing and always amazing audio files. Currently, along with some of Judy’s 1950’s radio work we are featuring full length concerts of her with the original Rat Pack, her 1967 free concert on the Boston Common, songs and interviews from her aborted role in Valley Of The Dolls, and much more. The group also features rare photo’s, lively discussions, and the most eclectic and interesting gathering of Garland fans anywhere!
The group features fans of all levels, new and hardcore, Garland family members, other celebrities, people who knew Judy, author’s historian’s, film maker’s, and more! The only thing missing is you! Please stop by our little Judyville and check it out, you may never want to leave!

Caress said...

Happy birthday Lubin - 21 again - and such buxom ladies with some pie for you! Who'd have thought?!

Old Cheeser said...

Many Happy Ones Lubin - 21 again eh?

Yes they are very attractive ladies - are you on the turn?

Don't mark too many papers now.