Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Go Gay, Go Green

In an article in the Guardian last week, someone was asking if they were to do just one thing to help save the planet, then what would have the most impact. Among the answers given was "don't have any children". Well, think of all those dirty disposable nappies. And you're not only having to be concerned about your own carbon footprint, but those of all of your descendants. If you don't have kids, then at least when you die, that's the end of your polluting ways.

So it got me to thinking, maybe being gay is quite an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Perhaps I shouldn't worry as much about my trips to New York and Vancouver and the fact I drive a car. As Ultrasparky jokingly suggested to me "You can fly to work!"

Except maybe gays aren't that green after all. Think about how much "product" they use - the fake tan, the Clinque Emergency facemasks and scruffing lotions, the three types of hair moulding gel, not to mention all those illegal chemical substances, and the conscipicuous consumption of seventeen holidays a year to Gran Caneria, Thailand, Palm Springs, Sydney etc. Not to mention the fact that gay men are supposed to only wear their clothes once and then throw them away because they only remain fashionable for 3 days.

Of course, the majority of gay men I know get their clothes from Next and Marks and Spencer, disapprove of fake tan and go on worthy walking holidays in the UK. One of my gay friends recently sent me an incredibly tortured email apologising for the fact he was driving down to Bristol to see me, rather than taking the train: "It's just too complicated, I've tried to arrange a car share but can't find anyone!"

And quite a few gay men who I know came out quite late on, and are Dads. But that's not to stop me from touting homosexuality as an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I reckon it should be taught in schools - a kind of reverse Clause 28.


matty said...

I try to be green, but it simply is not possible!

no. I do try.

I don't drive a car. I take public transit and ride a bike or walk to work. I recycle.

and, no, I do not fake tan.

However, I do not enjoy having to double copy on the copier at work. It confuses me and I get it all wrong and end up wasting more paper than saving.

jetpack said...

perpetuating stereotypes and then subverting them in the same post - just an observation!

matty said...

Ok. I'm just going to come clean. I tossed my plastic bottle in the paper recycling bin. It was not on purpose. I just got confused.

A girl suggested that I reach in and pull it out.

I thought it was sweet that she would think I'd being willing to get my Paul Frank sweater dirty.

oh well.

doing my best for our environment.

with kisses,