Monday, April 16, 2007

The devil wears Prada and so do I

I have bought a pair of Prada sunglasses (they come with a "certificate of authenticity"). I swear I only went into the shop because my fella wanted a new case for his glasses. I have now become one of those people I hate - a label queen.

We had a friend visiting for the weekend and it was oddly nice weather for April so we spent most of the time outside. He is a bit old-fashioned (28 going on 74) so we took him to a country house. I'm afraid I was in a bit of a bad mood because we had to queue for ages to get in and then it turned out to be one of those places where you're shunted from room to room and made to listen to someone tell you the history of every chair and painting. In detail. I got into it in the end though. At least the National Trust have only done the downstairs so far. However, country houses themselves put me in a bad mood. I'm always fine until I see the tennis court. Then an overwhelming sense of class rage comes over. Anyone who was that wealthy that they could afford the space for a tennis court - it brings out the revolutionary in me. My friend very sensibly pointed out that I wasn't doing so badly myself and that I was lucky to be born into a first world country when millions of people were subsisting on a starvation diet - and I suppose he has a point. He is one of those people for whom money does not equate with happiness. He lives frugally and takes pleasure from "the small things in life". He said that if he ever came into a lot of money he would give it all to charity. Then my fella piped up and said that he would use it to sponser bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds so they could go to university. I then said that if I had a lot of money I would use it to buy fabulous homes in cultural capitals across the world and spend the rest of my days travelling between them and generally being fabulous. Why do I always end up feeling like the horrible person in one of Aesops' fables?


Dessie said...


Love you darling for the Aesop reference and the repeated use of "fabulous". You ARE fabulous!

And, for me it started with sunglasses (Klein, then Gucci) and hasn't really stopped. Is there any harm in looking totally fucking fantastic? Really...?

I'm that little devil on your other shoulder ;)

Dessie said...

btw dahling, your link to Big Scary Unknown is wrong. It should be not

Ta! Dxx

KAZ said...

I bet you wouldn't.
One pair of sunglasses won't turn you into Elton.

Dan said...

I'm bright, and I have a young person's railcard!