Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bloody tourists

I was going to write about my fab weekend in London with Ultrasparky, but he beat me to it.

The Gilbert and George exhibition - the one thing that I noticed in their art was the complete absence of women (I didn't even see any drag queens). In the catalogue we were given, it said that they had been criticised for using rent boys in their art, which they claimed was inaccurate. I guess the enormous wall of adverts for rent boys was just an oversight then.

I'm afraid I'm not as observant as Ultrasparky - I didn't even recognise James McAvoy until he was pointed out to me - I thought he was just another Saturday night thug on drugs. The area around Soho and the centre of London was horribly busy - I kept thinking about Solyent Green.

Camden was as busy, silly and fascinating as I remembered it. I lived there during the summer of 2000 - sought out my old lodgings and caught a glimpse of my landlord outside - but I didn't go over and say hello - because I wasn't sure what I would say. We found a great stall at Camden Market selling rare DVDs and videos. I bought a copy of Up the Junction, which I watched last night (Hilda Baker plays a comedy abortionist in it!)

It was a good weekend though - great weather - no work committments and a good catch-up session with a friend I don't get to see nearly enough. But like Dan, I was glad to get the train home and have a lie down in a dark room afterwards.


Tom said...

Tell us more about this dark room.

matty said...

Yes, I'd like to hear more about this dark room as well.

...hey, didn't French & Saunders spoof these guys in the late 80's?!?!?

I think I was in college when I saw it. Or, am I dreaming?

my word verification is "jlizm" ...which makes me laugh in a 'seed'-y kind of way.

Lubin said...

Yes Matty they did - the sketch was called Muriel and Maddie - and I knew about them long before I knew who they were spoofing.