Friday, March 09, 2007

Mike from troubled diva has asked me to publicise this collaborative blog-stunt for Comic Relief (next Friday).

The idea is to produce and publish - between now and then - a paperback anthology of blog writing, that can be sold to raise funds for the charity.

1. Bloggers are invited to select one post from their archives, suitable for inclusion in the book.

2. Because it's Comic Relief, the watchword here is Funny. So Mike is looking for
posts with a pronounced comedic content, at least. (NB: text only, please - no pictures.)

3. The permalinks are e-mailed to Mike, at Or if not the permalinks, then a tickled-up version of the original text. The absolute final deadline is 6pm Weds evening, but the earlier the better.

4. Mike will collate the material in an MS Word document or as a PDF, and submit it to - a site which specialises in self-publishing, and which doesn't require any upfront costs or pre-planning. Once they have the text, the book is more or less immediately ready to sell.

5. All money raised by sales - ie. minus the fees charged by the website - is donated to Comic Relief. Mike expects to raise between 3 and 4 quid per book, as lulu's charges hover around 4 or 5 quid.

So get sending him your funniest blog entry! I've included this from Jamie4U.

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