Saturday, March 24, 2007

I heart Leeanne

Leeanne Battersby is back in Corrie, and with a great big meaty storyline to go with it. She's got a job as a "high-class escort" (complete with posh accent) although has told everyone she's making her money selling holiday homes in Spain. Her step-mum Janice decides to surprise her on the job, and discovers the awful truth, leading to a classic Corrie confronation where Leeanne defiantly defends her choice:

Leeanne: One of the reasons I am doing it is because I want to get out of places like this. Look at it. It's pathetic and depressing.
Janice: Oh listen to it. The hooker that thinks she is better than me
Leeanne: I AM better than you because I have a future. I am moving up and going places. Look at you, you'll never go anywhere. You're one of life's losers. Living in a scabby flat? Working in a scabby factory? Fretting about having enough money for beer and bingo?
Janice: Get out!
Leeanne: I'm going don't worry. I wouldn't stay in this dump if you paid me. Oh and don't worry about my clothes and all my stuff. I'll just buy new

I like Leeanne - she's one of those pragmatic girls who knows the score and does what she has to in order to survive. I'm pleased that Corrie seems to be leaving its little 1950s bubble and updating its storylines to reflect contemporary life (children smoking a spliff, bisexual love triangles... it's all part of life's rich tapestry). One thing that it hasn't lost touch with though is it's strong women - and Leeanne's firmly grasped that mantel.


KAZ said...

I love Leeanne as well, but definitely NOT Janice.
In that pic she looks just like the alien that emerged from John Hurt.

I also love 'Tommy' but didn't know it had been banned.

Malcolm said...

That 2nd picture is scary! Maybe it's the trauma of sleeping with Les all catching up!!

Flaming Nora said...

I'm loving Leanne's new storyline too. I read a rather worrying (and very wrong) comment on the official ITV Corrie site that, commenting on leanne's new, er job, said "Tony Warren must be spinning in his grave".

Tony Warren is very much still alive and I'm sure even Corrie's creator would agree that for Leanne, beiing a prossie is the only kind of career progression she could ever hope for or aspire to.

Someone stop me, or I'll go on about this all night..!!

KAZ said...

I saw Leeane today plus kid and family in a packed M&S coffee bar.
Obviously a woman of the people.

Andrew Fallon said...

Leanna Battersby has the potential to be one of the greatest Corrie characters ever. I love her!!

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