Friday, March 30, 2007


I fulfilled an ambition last night and had fondue. It was part of a 1970s party I was holding for a few friends. The other food included vol-a-vonts and black forest gateaux with babysham and blue nun to drink. The fondue was a lot of fun, although the more people had to drink, the more bits of carrot and celery ended up getting lost in the fondue pot. I imagine that a lot of women probably lost a lot of their jewellry to fondue back in the 1970s. I had made a mix-tape of my favourite 1970s hits (Demis, Nana, The Nolans, BeeGees, Baccara etc).

And I put out some of my old copies of Quorum (an early gay magazine where the models look like normal people and airbrushing didn't happen). Everyone had turned up wearing loud 70s shirts with mismatching cravats and ties.

Afterwards, we watched the epic Abigail's Party, and I attempted to keep up with Monstrous hostess Beverely by continually offering my guests gin and tonics and asking if they were "alright" every few seconds.

In the middle of all this, my mum phoned to say that my sister had just had a baby boy (she's a week early, but he's the longest baby on the ward and is 8oz and has a full head of hair), so it all kind of morphed into a Happy New Baby party. Hoping to go up to Leeds at the weekend to see them.


Dan said...

I'm seething with envy!

matty said...

Oh! I would have loved that party!!!

And, so few would have realized that no 70's house party would be complete without Bobbie Gentry singing a tune at some point. Tho, I suspect it would have been better to follow Abigail's advice and just play the 12 inch vinyl of Donna Summer's Love to Love You, Baby all night. Tho, that might have taken a sour turn.

Now. Pictures. Where O where are the pictures of this grande event?!?!?!

Old Cheeser said...

I can imagine Lubin and his mates were dressed like the ladies in the photo weren't they? So pictures are maybe unnecessary...

Yes sounds like a truly fab party with all the right elements. Love the playlist and great to see Dennis Roussos' "classic" "Forever and Ever" up there.

But I hope you didn't go around telling people how to apply their lipstick properly. That might not have gone down so well.

And many congratulations to your sister and her bundle of joy!

matty said...

Are you a new uncle!?!?! Congrats!!!