Friday, March 09, 2007

But I loved it

Have you ever had the experience where you've been on a plane, or stuck in a hotel or ill in bed or something and you end up watching some movie that under normal circumstances you would never have watched. And you expect it to be rubbish, but in spite of yourself, you actually end up enjoying it? I've had happen to me three times recently. On a trip to New York I enjoyed the 40 Year Old Virgin. Then on a work trip abroad last month I saw Employee of the Month on the plane and liked it. And worse still, on the way back I watched half of School of Rock (a Jack Black comedy about a drop-out who ends up teaching rock music to a schoo of gifted children) and then got really annoyed when the plane landed and they switched off the media system. It kept going round and round in my head - how did it turn out? I even went to Borders on Tuesday to see if they had it on DVD (they didn't - my Borders has nothing!) Anyway, I was just walking across the campus square today and there was one of those little stands selling cheap DVDs. And there it was. So for £6 I have School of Rock and will watch it on the way home tonight and finally find out how it ends. Except I think I figured it out already.

Unchallenging feel-good mainstream American comedies aimed at teens? Who knew that was my guilty pleasure?


Reluctant Nomad said...

I scorned mainstream American comedies (still do) until I met a boyfriend who became a permanent fixture for 7 years. He had no qualms about watching them and I watched them with him. Grudgingly at first but grew to like them. They're a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine now.

School of Rock is great but that has a lot to do with Jack Black. He was brilliant with the wonderful John Cusack in High Fidelity

Sparky said...

The 40-Year-Old Virgin was much, much better than I expected, and it finally got me to go back and watch Judd Apatow's TV shows (Freaks &Geeks and Undeclared). He's good at doing that kind of broad comedy that has bite but a little bit of hear at the same time, and he relies on a stable of players who seem to really understand what he's after.

And the school in School of Rock was filmed at a college campus on the island where I grew up in NYC. Just beyond all those trees is a nightmare of chain stores and highways.

matty said...

...sometimes mainstream movies can be good. I loved 40 Year Old Virgin and really enjoyed SCHOOL OF ROCK. ...I also enjoyed IN HER SHOES, tho it was a bit of a flu movie.