Thursday, March 15, 2007

Business as usual

I've got things looking almost as they did before. My links are back - I hadn't realised how upset I would feel without them there. You people matter to me!

But I can't make the comments appear on the main page, and I can't change the colour of the grey box at the end of each posting. Oh well.

My hideous flu has finally gone gone gone. It started on December 28th and continued until last week - the worst one I've ever had (the people who concocted last year's flu jab got it wrong this time and didn't include that strain). According to my fella's dad, it is apparently a version of the 1960s pandemic. Almost everyone I know got it. I know someone who even died from it (well, they were very old anyway). But it hasn't been reported much in the media, which is too preoccupied with bird flu to care. If one bird with bird flu is found washed up on British shores, it triggers an army of reporters and all other news stories are put on hold for the week. In other countries, birds with flu are turning up all the time.

I think that flu is one of my obessions. I get the flu jab and always ask too many questions when I'm there. I hate going on public transport or sitting in waiting rooms as people are always coughing and sneezing. Why can't we force people to wear face masks when they're ill, as they do in places like Hong Kong. And I regularly check the EISS (European Influenza Surveillance Scheme) and study the maps and graphs which show the levels of weekly outbreaks in different parts of Europe. It's a fascinating site, and I'm sure OCD sufferers everywhere will appreciate that link.

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matty said...

Oh, sweetie! I'm glad you're finally better! I didn't realize you had been ill for that long! You're a trouper! I would have whined to be the band!

Well, better now! Chin up and don't think of flu matters. just wash your hands a lot --- especially after public transit!

And, you really should check out wordpress! I so love it! blogger had been buggging me for longer than your flu. Tho, of course I'd rather have blog issues than the flu.

Hugs from Gay Town!

...i'm goin' to the beach in Santa Cruz this weekend! Yay!