Monday, March 05, 2007

Always window shopping but never stopping to buy

I love everything about this film and no matter how many times I see it, I never tire of watching it. Lynn Redgrave is completely endearing as a 1960s Ugly Betty, offset by prettier (but not on the inside) Charlotte Rampling. Alan Bates even shows his bum at one point. And I love James Mason's posh 60s northern accent (in my own head I sound like him). Watched it recently with my fella and he asked me "who do you identify with?" I didn't like to say. But I guess it would be Georgy. I have very similar experiences of getting my hair cut.


KAZ said...

It's amazing - but I've never seen this film.
Do you think Alan Bates was practising for the nude wrestling scene in 'Women in Love'?

Tom SF said...

I like how when she crosses the road by stepping out in front of traffic she extends her hand as though this will stop the vehicle if a car slams in to her.

Also, I like how the B&W logo appears a minute in. You'd think the fact the moving pictures had no colour would be a give away. Although it might be there for the benefit of any dogs who might be watching.