Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No, I am the real Lubin Odana!

At a gay community website I use regularly, someone has just joined and used one of my pictures as their own profile.

The real me is Paul B. The fake me is using a picture that was taken of me on holiday in Llandudno a while ago. I'm obviously flattered, although a bit disturbed (particularly at the "common" name my doppleganger has given himself). And what on earth would I be doing in Rickmansworth, that's what I'd like to know? Isn't that miles out of London in zone A? I'm sorry but if I was to live in London it'd have to be a nice mews apartment in zone 1.

And what if this person starts posting up messages with controversial opinions about the European Union or other weighty topics? What will that do for my reputation? What if he arranges to meet other people and then doesn't show up? My name is going to be mud in Rickmansworth.

And he is claiming to be 4 years younger than me. I have a feeling that my body double is leading a more exciting life than me. Help!


Lost Boy said...

Is it creepy or flattering? What are you going to do? A few years ago, I discovered that somebody was posting on a messageboard claiming to be me. What disturbed me the most wasn't that they were faking it or engaging people I knew in conversation, it was their bad spelling and disregard for grammar which horrified me.

digital_jay said...

Hey lubin,

So that I understand the situation correctly Jez A is your dopple and Paul B is you, well I know that Paul B is you right away because of your Rss feed, however, first thing you do is set yourself up on this site: http://www.fakersbusted.com/ reason being is they are well known for busting people who are faking other peoples id's.

Once you have done that, you make sure that you refer the link of Jez A to the site and then you report the user to Lizzie & Snow, now whether they do anything is something I can't comment on without sound like a bitch. Make sure that you include in all the things you do, reference to this web site, your books that have been published and not forgetting the RSS feed.

Another way of proving your id is do a video host it on youtube or http://www.fakersbusted.com/ it's a ruddy shame that you have to go to all this trouble, after all we know who you are, its obvious.

Hope this has been able to provide some help.

Fin De Fichier said...

It is mysterious to me that anybody even finds utility in stealing another person's picture. I've never done "cybersex" , but isn't a lot of it done with a webcam these days? Obviously it doesn't help for that after the webcam is turned on. And if you meet someone in person who isn't who he claimed to be don't you just walk away? Do these people get lucky sometimes? "Oh you're a fat 65 year old janitor not a 23 year old Abercrombie model, but I'll have sex with you anyhow" That being said the phenomena certainly isn't going away, seems on any given site including myspace at least 20% of the gay profiles are obviously fake.

Dessie said...

Rickmansworth is in.... wait for it... Hertfordshire. I'm so very sorry. You've almost been associated with Watford.

matty said...

how odd. I guess it both flattering and a little creepy!