Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I have one thing to say to you: Kiss. My. Fat. Ass!

Retired model Tyra Banks responds to bloggers and tabloids who have taken glee in her recent weight gain. I guess it's easy to be cynical about this but I love the anger and defiance in her voice. I am so sick of seeing covers of magazines (women's AND men's) where weight and appearance are constantly scrutinised. Most magazines these days should simply be called "Eating Disorder Weekly" because that's what they're pushing.

Just make sure you wipe away a tear at the end of the clip.

A much longer version of the clip is here.


Tom SF said...

She makes a fair point.

I don wonder if 'start crying' was written on the autocue.

Kevin said...

I don wonder if 'start crying' was written on the autocue.

You know you could stop for a minute before you say something like that and think to yourself "am I saying the right thing here?".

The answer is obviously NO.

...... because action cues are written as [DESCRIPTION] on an autocue. So it would be [START CRYING], [WIPE TEAR] and [SLAP ASS].

matty said...

poor tyra.