Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do I have the worst taste in music in the world?

Inspired by Tom, here are my most played 25 tunes on Itunes.

There are a couple in there that I'm not ashamed of, like the Dandy Warhols and Zero 7. But I had no idea that I listened to spaghetti western film music so much. And I know - number 24 - Cliff Richard!

By pure co-incidence, the song that was playing when I did the screenshot was "I'm livin' in Shame" by Diana Ross. I think that says it all really.


KAZ said...

Lubin - I didn't know you were so brave!
It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase *Publish and be Damned*.

Lost Boy said...

It's *very* telling that you cut off the 'play count' field in your screen grab, Lubin. Just how many times has (the very brilliant) Devil Woman boomed out of your speakers?

mike said...

Actually, I'd rate that as a pretty damned cool list. (Apart from Belouis Some, that is... EWW.)

Tom SF said...

Is Cliff Richard more embarrassing than The Hoff?

I think it is.

Lubin said...

I've listened to Devil Woman 77 times. In my defence, it's because it's one of the first tunes in my Purchased List, so it's tended to get played more than the others. But then again, that implies I bought it first because I liked it so much. So maybe ignore that. I can't even say that I like it "ironically" any more.