Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pretty pretty

This advert blows me away. The music is a version of Passage D by The Flashbulb, from the album Kirlian Selections.

The ad's inspired quite a few parody or copycat versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I guess we all know that models are given makeovers and photoshopped, but it's nice to see the process in such gloriously cynical action. I wonder if any of my readers are willing to take up the challenge of applying Photoshop to a picture of themselves so they too could be beautiful enough to appear on a billboard. Send me your "before" and "after" shots and I'll make you famous, baby!

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matty said...

I've been hearing about this! Dove rocks!

Actually, Lubin, I AM photo-shop'd. Thanks to participation in an exciting new Steve Jobs project currently called, iBeauty, I am one of 4 people who has accepted in a chip in my ear that provides an evolution toward an even higher level of beauty than I already enjoy.

They are still working out some of the kinks:

I tend to be in a constant state of soft focus and am prone to breaking out into a song ("I Feel Pretty") whenever text messages are sent within 10 feet of me. To make matters worse, my uncontrolled musical performance is accompanied by my dancing about and tossting my arms up to the sky. I look and sound a bit silly, but am perfect in just about every other way.

...thanks to the iBeauty chip.

They were going to put me in a glass case but the whole soft focus and Sondheim song problem is still a bit creepy. Don't want people to mistake it for iCrack.