Monday, January 01, 2007

Party Pooper

While an estimated one million people saw in the New Year outside my hotel window last night, I stayed in my room, watching a particularly awful 1970s British suspense film called "And Soon the Darkness" (and there wasn't even any darkness in it!) From about 10pm until 4am the crowd sounded like an aeroplane taking off. With a 5 hour jetlag problem to deal with and an impending cold, it was an effort to stay up until midnight (I fell asleep on and off during the film though that was because it was so tedious). Now the streets around Times Square look worse for wear - the rain has not washed away the confetti but turned it into party sludge. I'm afraid the most exciting thing I did today was go and see Night at the Museum. My mind was elsewhere during most of it (although I didn't miss cowboy Owen Wilson's subtle nod to Brokeback Moutain). As much as I enjoy the holidays, there's always the downer of returning to work afterwards. Oh well, only a few more days to go. Must enjoy them!

1 comment:

matty said...

Oh, I'm bummed you got stuck in your hotel room! ...However, I always stayed away from NYC for NY'sE. That is just too many people!!!

but, i'm sure you're out having fun tonight! I have faith!