Wednesday, January 31, 2007

But a good point all the same

The short-lived (17 episodes) Darren Star sitcom Grosse Pointe finally came out on DVD, and my copy arrived on Saturday. Grosse Pointe is a witty parody of shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. Like The Comeback and Entourage it deals with the entertainment industry and how celebrity affects people. Unfortunately, because it has a cute cast and superficially fluffy subject matter, I suspect that it was a little bit too intelligent and cynical for its own good and had difficulty securing a fanbase, which is a shame.

A lot of the comedy is down to the vast gulf between the actors' personalities and the characters they play on the cloyingly trite teen drama Grosse Pointe. Fans of BH90120 will immediately recognise prototypes of the main characters. The actor who plays the bad boy hunk is approaching 30 and is terrified that the public will find out that he wears a wig. The "nice" female character is a psychotic shoplifting bitch in real life. And the straight A student is a brainless himbo whose lips move when he reads. The guy who plays his father is also in love with him in real life and continually trying to engineer situations to get him naked. The writers of the show know that they are producing rubbish, and spend most of their time trying to manage the tantrums thrown by the backbiting cast members who are continually trying to steal screen time from each other. My favourite character is neurotic Marcy, loosely based on Tori Spelling, who obsessively calorie counts, repeats positive affirmations like "When I go into a room people are pleased to see me!" and has an unrequited crush on Johnny the himbo (played beautifully by Al Santos). The bitchy girl, Hunter is also great, getting most of the good lines, for example, she "consoles" her "best friend" Marcy by telling her "No matter how much America despises you I won't let it affect my feelings for you" and "You are so great on the show... even if the fans don't agree." When Hunter has to gain weight for an Oliver Stone film, she turns nice and everyone realises that she wasn't a bitch, just really hungry all the time.

If you didn't catch this when it aired on tv, it's worth getting hold of. Even my fella, who normally gets annoyed at Darren Star stuff, like this.


Old Cheeser said...

That sounds like a lotta fun. One more to add to the wish list then...Is it as good as Sex and the City?

Fin De Fichier said...

Fella approved? It must be good!