Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 useless facts meme thing

Old Cheeser has tagged me to reveal 5 useless facts. I thought all the memes had died out... anyway here goes.

1. Samantha from Sex in the City sometimes "advises" me, in the same way that an imaginary Humphrey Bogart talked to Woody Allen in the film Play it Again Sam.

2. I am addicted to coffee, tea, yoghurt, Alpen and Innocent Smoothies.

3. My previous jobs have included: shelf stacker, restaurant pianist, writer for a trashy gay magazine, census enumerator, care assistant and creator of a web-based soap opera with Barbie dolls (don't ask). My favourite one was the last one on the list.

4a. I've had six books published in the last five years, just finished writing another one and have contracts to write two more. When my first book was published I went to Waterstones, found my book and put it on one of those tables with all the popular books. It only took 30 seconds for a store clerk to spot it and move it back to the shelf where it had come from. The second time I wrote a book, I went into a bookstore and told the clerk "thanks for stocking my book" and ended up signing copies for them. Now, when I'm sent the brand new copy of my book, I don't even bother looking at it.

5. I once wore blue nail varnish as a fashion statement. It was the mid 90s.


Old Cheeser said...

Lubin! Well done for responding...good show.

1. How interesting! Does the spirit of Kim Catrall appear at the bottom of your bed in the middle of the night? What kind of advice does she give you? (Given Samantha's character I can kind of guess, but I'm still curious...)

2. Well coffee isn't great for you and I recall reading your previous posts where you said you were addicted to it. But the rest of your addictions are pretty healthy so you haven't got much to be ashamed of! At least it isn't alcohol or white nose powder! Good boy! I haven't had Alpen for years, I do remember it being rather delicious...might have to pop out and buy some soon...

3. What a diverse career you've had. So why did the last job fold? Did you abscond with the Barbie dolls? Or try to do obscene things with them? On second thoughts you were probably more likely to try that with Crystal Ken weren't you?

4. Well at least you're in print. I know you're an academic so I guess it's all quite highbrow, intellectual stuff? I suspect there's a trashy novel brewing in you somewhere though...

5. I think you should start wearing it again. One must cultivate a few eccentric qualities.

Thank you for participating! An enjoyable list of facts! Which were not actually that useless! Wahey!!

KAZ said...

I always thought you were special Lubin - but 6 books - WOW!
I am trying hard not to be too impressed!

matty said...

As long as it is the character from SIC and not actually Kim Catrall because then you'd have to syphen through all of that bad 80's movie logic to get to the good guidance!

And, I'm so jealous that you worked for anyone or anything remotely involved with Barbie! Why can't I have a job like that?!?!?!

And, I think it so cool that you've written books that have been published and put on the shelves of Waterstones! I tip my hat and am once again color'd bright with envy!

You rock!

Remind your fella how lucky is!!!!

Lubin said...

Thanks all of you for such nice responses. Yes, it's just Samantha not Kim. Most of her advice takes the form of "Oh honey, if it feels good just DO IT!" She was "with" me on the train yesterday, until she got bored of me. The last I saw her she was propositioning some guy halfway down the carriage (the curse of an over-active imagination eh?)

I sometimes wonder how I wrote those books in such a short space of time. I know it's abnormal and my work colleagues make jokes about it "How many books did you write this morning?"

My mother taught me touch typing when I was very young, so I think that's helped. And I go through life on fast forward most of the time anyway. It's probably all down to a chemical imbalance!

Flaming Nora said...

Your last one on the list at No. 3 remains a classic. I still have it bookmarked. Does it still exist?

Lubin said...

Unfortunatly not. It got deleted off my PC by mistake and the website which housed it no longer exists :(