Sunday, January 21, 2007

15 is a difficult age

I started keeping a diary in 1988, aged 15. Today I took it out of the loft and read through it. In a lot of places it was unintentionally hilarious. I kind of feel a bit guilty for laughing at my 15 year old self. But here are some of the choice excerpts.

March 27th 1988

I think I am turning into a poser, I keep looking in the mirror all the time and brushing my hair. I am quite pleased with the way I look actually.

March 29th 1988

This town is a dump. We haven't even got a proper roof on our house. I want to get drunk.

March 30th 1988

I wish something would happen.

April 7th 1988

The kids in our street are really rough, one of them was banging another's head of a car bonnet this morning. If I had children of my own I would forbid them to have anything to do with the horrid little urchins who populate our square.

April 30th 1988

I would like to stop a foxhunt and be arrested. It's something students are always doing.

June 8th 1988

I have decided to embark on self improvement... keep clean and eat everything which is healthy.

September 7th 1988

"Staying in" is a disease. Take this warning. Never stay in night after night. It will destroy you.

November 11th 1988

In English Lit.. we had a conversation about Yazz. I am glad that I am making some friends.

November 25th, 1988

I am staying up until 2.00 to watch Mommie Dearest, a brilliant film in which Faye Dunaway is Joan Crawford. It is a cult movie, whatever that means.

December 23rd, 1988

I seem to be the only one who remembers that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. I may make a speech about it on Christmas Day.

April 19th 1989

I want a hobby that's outdoors and cheap, basically.


Lost Boy said...

"I wish something would happen." Haha! It's all *very* Adrian Mole. In a good way.

Andy said...

heh Its so '88 I love it SO much, Mwah mwah mwah.

matty said...

This is the gift of journal keeping! know who you were and how you ultimately formed to who you are now --- and, the funny things is --- if you're like me, you'll continue to laugh as you read your notes well into your late 30's.

going thru my journals always put me in perspective.

Now, I want to know. ...did you make that Christmas speech? AND, can you remember what the teacher discussed about YAZZ? ...did I miss a significant moment when they were popular?!?!??

kisses from GayTown,

jetpack said...

that's made me chuckle! I have some old diaries somewhere, decorated with pictures of Nik Kershaw and Michael J Fox.