Friday, December 29, 2006

In New York

I arrived last night in New York for a week's holiday. The whole trip has been done on hotel and travel points so that is rather nice. I read Ben Elton's latest book Chart Throb on the plane - it's a "deconstruction" of the X Factor, and very evil it is too. Overall funny, though a bit repetitive. I didn't get the surprise twist because I wasn't paying enough attention (I never get surprise twists, I am an author's dream).

I am staying in a massive hotel on Times Square, which is predicted to have one million visitors on New Years Eve. I think I might stay in that night. Right next door they are showing the Grey Gardens musical, which I'll probably try and see. They're also showing Company which is another musical I'd quite like to see.

For my New Years Resolution I am going to try and cut down or even give up coffee, starting today. Every time I do it, I get banging headaches and feel sick. So it might not work. I already feel a bit ill and it's only 8.51 a.m.


KAZ said...

I always try to avoid getting twists as it spoils the fun.
I loved the film called 'Times Square' don't suppose you can get it on DVD.
Have fun - and an espresso on me.

Sparky said...

I think you owe to yourselves to catch "Grey Gardens." From what I hear, they really did a magnificent job of holding on to the spirt of the film.

And as I mentioned, locking yourselves in for the duration of New Year's Eve is the best plan, unless you really WANT to start hating people.

matty said...

Wow! You are living on the edge! LOL! NYC on New Year's Eve!

Have fun!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

matty said...

...if you see GREY GARDENS --- we must have a FULL report!!!! K???