Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You want Dylan? You can have him!

I have been playing The Hook-Up a very camp Girly Gossip type game where you take the role the new girl in town. The (vague) goal is to get a boyfriend, make friends, go on dates etc. A rather geeky girl with square glasses and a lip piercing called Sara took me under her wing and before long I had got myself a hot date with Dylan, a cool boy from the rough part of town. He impressed me by getting a tattoo of my name on his arm on our first date. Actually, it was a little bit borderline stalker behaviour, but I'm used to that. Imagine my disgust when I found out he was just having me on and it wasn't even a real tattoo. But he walked me home and we had our first kiss. It was so romantic, despite the fact that he is only 6 pixels in height.

But like, the next day I'm hanging out at the coffee ship with my posse (Sara in other words), when this bleach blonde bitch called Claire shows up and is all like "Dylan's mine!" We had to have an "INTENSE CONVERSATION", where we traded insults (she said my house was small, I told her she was Paris Hilton's more stupid sister). Anyway, I think I scared her off with my 'tude. And now Dylan is mine! Or is he? Actually, he's lost interest lately, and now me and Melissa who works in the tattoo parlour have set our sights on Matthew who works in the art gallery, and might be gay... He's asked me on a date, but commented on my nice dress, so we'll have to see what happens.

I'm lost in a social whirl!

It's more exciting than Neighbours at least.

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