Sunday, November 19, 2006

You Know My Name

The New Bond film Casino Royale is pretty good. It still feels like a Bond film (particularly the older Sean Connery ones before it became a bit of a parody of itself), but it eschews cheesy jokes and gadgetry. There is no Miss Moneypenny, and no Q - both which had become a little strained over time. Daniel Craig has a bit of a craggy face rather than being a pretty-boy, but I suspect he's probably closer to the "cruel killer" that Fleming originally envisaged. And he's got the best body of any Bond by far. The title tune, by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden is pretty good too.

In the 60s, cinemas showing Bond films were apparently very popular among men cruising for sex. Fancy that! Ultimately, Bond is about Britishness and about the somewhat mythical fantasy of British supremacy. Although the film is based on the first Bond book, it has a very up-to-date feel about it. The poker scenes fit well into the current trend for poker nights which seem to be sweeping the country, the plot involves international terrorism, and the intial chase scene resembles that trendy urban sport (I forget the name) that involves people running and jumping between buildings. Bond, of course, is not only better than anyone else at this, but he's also the best poker player in the UK. And if we need any more evidence of how "on the button" the film is, the news story this morning about the apparent poisoning of the ex-KGB officer oddly mirrors what happpens to Bond.

A cousin (several times removed) of mine used to be head of MI5. While this information is quite nice to know - it shows that I must at least have a few good genes in me, it's also rather depressing to know that I'll never be the most powerful or successful member of the family. I would quite like to be a spy myself. I could be one of those ones who seduces older men and gets all the state secrets out of them. I admit I'm not very good at jumping off buildings, foreign languages, karate or poker. But I think I'd make a good male Mata Hari :)


KAZ said...

OOh - I never saw any guys cruising for sex in the 60s... probably too busy looking at Sean.

Should your cousin have told you that he was head of MI5?
I thought it was TOP SECRET.

matty said...

I try, but I just can't get into or off on James Bond. None of the actors they get do it for me other than Sean Connery (back in his day) ...but the movies bore me. I did enjoy THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. ...but mainly because of the theme song and the way the girls danced about penis-shape'd guns. Roger Moore worries me because he looks like my Grandma if she had been put in a suit. And, the new Bond is a great actor with a great body but I feel he needs a chemical peel.

Maybe that could arranged on that Princess Niki Show! She could do plastic surgery! Wow! Now, there is a concept for the BBC!!!

Lost Boy said...

George Lazenby was the hottest Bond. What a shame about the acting, or lack thereof.

Boz said...

Is it that there is no MoneyPenny? Or is it just that they have turned her into a he and haven;t had the balls to call him MoneyPenny in the script, hmmmm???

matty said...

Ever since I read your post I've been thinking a lot about Octopussy.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Flaming Nora said...

I enjoyed it immensely too. There's a nice picture over at my blog!