Friday, November 24, 2006

The things pensioners say!

My mother-in-law was visiting at the weekend and was talking about some lovely leather shoes in the slightly common TJ Hughes discount store. They're "fux leather" she said. Nobody seemed to know what she was talking about, so we asked and she said "You know, fux! It's a type of leather. Very nice too." She pronounced it "fucks".

"My fella asked her "How do you spell that?" And she said, "Oh you know, F, something U, X".

"Do you mean faux?" my fella asked, pronouncing it in the usual way, as "foe".

It turned out she did. After we explained it, she was mortified, but laughed about it. Apparently the people who work in TJ Hughes in Liverpool talk about "fucks leather" to everyone quite happily. I think we should all follow their example.


jetpack said...

gawd, you couldn't make that up. I would have been far too coy to point out the proper word

Old Cheeser said...

Funny story. Sounds like the name of a gay porn star or transvestite - Fux Leather.

matty said...

That is so classic! I love it!

KAZ said...

I can assure you that we never say fux in Manchester.
It's almost worth nipping over to Merseyside tomorrow to hear it in situ.