Monday, November 06, 2006

Desperate Housewives goes Bang

Like a bottle of milk that had been left standing too long, DH went a bit off during last series. But the writers seemed to have pulled their socks up in the third season, and episode 7, entitled "Bang" delivered the goods. (Spoilers follow for UK residents who will have to wait until March 2007).

The episode eschewed its usual all-over-the-place narrative, by fixating on one single storyline, a hostage situation in a supermarket that begins as a comedy and gets darker and darker as events progress. Somehow, half the cast members are contrived to be in the supermarket at the same time, while the other half end up watching it all play out on the television news in Bree's living room (Bree holds a kind of Superbowl party for everyone, with free food while they watch the news).

It reminded me a bit of a short story by Stephen King called The Mist, which also involved a group of people trapped in a supermarket (although there it's due to a weird mist that contains Cthulu-type monsters outside). Felicity Huffman gets all the best lines and acting, though Laurie Metcalfe (Jackie from Roseanne) plays it even more nervy and wired than usual.

And Melrose Place (season 1) is finally released on DVD this week.

Remember all the crazy wig-pulling, baby-stealing, apartment-exploding, lobotomy-giving moments with Kimberly (Marcia Cross) with this clip.


Reluctant Nomad said...

A few weeks ago, you were going on about smiley faces and the use of 'LOL'. So, you may find this youtube clip mildly amusing.

Adrian said...

That sounds like a wonderful episode. I hope Bree is being a wonderful hostess throughout, making sure that everyone has everything they need to enhance their enjoyment and pleasure while at her soirée... to watch a siege live on TV.

I can see it now.

Lost Boy said...

Is that Laurie Metcalf from 'Roseanne'/ 'Scream'/ loads of other stuff in your picture there, Lubin? She plays psychos very well. I haven't watched DH since the first series: all that kooky incidental music and attempts at slapstick and the fact that all of these women- Bree excepted- were so annoying, I kind of wished they'd all shot themselves and Mary ALice had stayed alive.

jetpack said...

I heard someone refer to it as "desperate houseflies" the other day. I think it borrowed a little too much from American Beauty, even down to the music and the camera angles... but I know you can see redeeming features in the vilest of trash, Lubin!