Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Isn't technology like, amazing?

I was so impressed that my new friend Richard had Kinky Boots for his mobile phone ring tone. "How did you do it?" I asked. "Did you perhaps dial one of those numbers at the back of Heat magazine or advertised on tv music channels at every ad break?" (I avoid anything like this as I'm afraid that once I let the advertisers know my phone exists I'll be plagued with phone-spam that I have to pay £1 a go for). Richard said that he could "send" me Kinky Boots if my phone had "blue-tooth" - a strange term that I have heard used a few times but never really understood so I mentally switch off when people say it, instead hearing "rarr rarr". About 25% of what anyone says to me is "rarr rarr". (Look, I have information overload alright! I can't do lifelong learning. It hurts. It took me two weeks to figure out how bit torrent worked so can I at least have credit for that!)

Anyway, he fiddled with my phone for a bit and then suddenly my phone seemed to connect to his - like they were having sex! In the amount of time it took to have a cup of tea, Kinky Boots had been downloaded onto my phone from his and it is now my ring-tone too. It's much better than that naff polyphonic thing that came free with the phone. And now I don't have to announce to anyone that I'm gay. My phone can do it for me. Apparently I can download music from my own PC onto my phone, using this blue-tooth magic. But I can't do it. Which is a pity, because there are loads of other music that could do an equal if not better job of broadcasting my sexuality when my phone rings. Oh well.


hopkapi said...

This will probably just sound like more "rarr rarr", but as a techie, I figure it's worth a shot.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which makes it easy for devices (like phones and computers) to talk to each other without a line of sight (so you don't have to aim stuff at each other and it works through clothes etc.).

jetpack said...

in case you're computer (like mine) is not bluetooth-enabled you can buy a "dongle" which goes in a USB port, for less than a tenner.

Andy said...

So can you send it me? My bluetooth is on, and I have a dongle ;-)

Groc said...

weirder than that - today I found out -by accident I could use my new mobile as a mouse - moving the cursor around the screen - and I can use it to control my media player.


Adrian said...

Bluetooth is a complicated technology, with lots of potential to use important sounding scientific phrases. I love how the device at the hub of it all is called a dongle.