Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Artificial Doctor is in

I said I missed ELIZA, the AI therapist, but now I've found her here and while we never did get to the bottom of my sexual problem, it was good to renew her acquaintence. I think she remembers me. I've heard that stuff about being negative from her so many times before.

Eliza: Hello. I am ELIZA. How can I help you?
You: I have this problem with sex
Eliza: Can you elaborate on that?
You: I don't want to
Eliza: Why do you not want to?
You: I'm shy
Eliza: Does it please you to believe I am shy?
You: No, it's me who's shy, not you
Eliza: You are being a bit negative.
You: Well you would too
Eliza: Oh, i would too.
You: yeah
Eliza: Please go on.
You: I don't think you can help me
Eliza: Why do you not think i can help you?
You: because we're going round in circles here
Eliza: Do any other reasons not come to mind?
You: no
Eliza: You are being a bit negative.
You: so?
Eliza: Please go on.
You: actually, you're a lot better than most client-centered therapists
Eliza: Has your treatment made you better?
You: yes, how much do I owe you?
Eliza: You are sure?
You: do you take paypal?
Eliza: Oh, i take paypal.
You: yeah, I bet you do...

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