Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pictures from around Bristol

A couple of my friends were visiting this week. Here's some pictures of me and my oldest school friend (we were on "top table" together when we were 7).

Waving at sailors on Bristol docks.

The standing stones at Avebury. It was raining quite heavily at this point and we had been harrassed by a tour bus full of loud American teenage girls.

At the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Don't jump!

The Royal Crescent at Bath. We both grew up on a rough council estate in the deprived northeast and so the sight of all this opulent housing brought out our "CLASS WAR" fury.

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Lost Boy said...

You're looking very fresh-faced Lubin. Have you had some work done or is all that Bristolian air doing you good? Only joking. I fel the same way about Bath: one half of me got all 'repressed prince' and imagined what it would have been like to live amongst such pretty buildings, while the other wanted to bulldoze it in a rage and build endless council estates.