Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lucky bag

Type A-personality not linked to heart disease. As someone who has lots of Type A traits (impatient, competitive, driven, perfectionist, can't relax, normally in fast-forward mode), this is good news. I bet those lazy unproductive Type Bs are laughing on the other side of their faces now. (How's that for a typical Type A response).

Speaking of competitive, I am addicted to Conquest, a very playable computer version of Risk which is free to download here. If you pay $20 you get the full version of the game which lets you play hundreds of weird and different maps (Atlantis, the crab?). I find it difficult to win if you're playing with lots of computer opponents, as everyone tends to stockpile their armies and then if you attack anyone, the others all gang up on you in your weakened state. My strategy - go for Australia and/or South America while ensuring you keep at least one army in North America and Europe. Make sure you get at least one victory each go, as you'll get an extra card which contributes towards more armies, but don't leave terrorities with no armies on them - they'll get taken.

I have discovered a Waitrose near where I live - it's fabulously snobby. You don't have to pay a pound deposit for the shopping trolleys (cos Waitrose customers can be trusted to not run off with them) and you can buy speciality foods like quails eggs. Many of the customers are elderly, independently wealthy women who have "dressed up" to go shopping and have no aisle-awareness, leaving their trolleys in inconvenient places. But, I also suspect that one of the managers must be gay, as it's stocked out with pretty boys in their late teens and early 20s. So it all balances out.

This news story is freaking me out. It's like that Terrance Stamp film, The Collector and it's disturbing on so many levels - the poor girl was unpopular at school, her last contact with her mother was a slap in the face, they were from a poor family and it's argued that this is one of the reasons why the authorities "gave up" on the search. It's also weird how she's gone from being utterly disconnected from society and invisible, to now being famous - everyone wants a piece of her - there'll be media appearances, agents will get involved and she could stand to make a lot of money, along with her family - so much for living a "normal" life - it's going to be from one extreme to the other. And I bet somewhere, someone is already writing the film script of her life. And I hate big media stories like this because it just increases the chance that someone will try and copy it.


KAZ said...

Thanks for good news for type A's like me. I'm sure it's all cancelled out by drink etc. but still encouraging.
Whew .. can't sit around here all day, MUST DASH!!

Reluctant Nomad said...

Did you know that Tretchikoff, he of 'Chinese Girl', died a week or so ago?

matty said...

I know! That news story is so strange/worrying -- and, yet, a possible happy end. ???

I figure that Dakota Fanning will get the lead.

...but just imagine if Werner Herzog were asked to helm the film adaptation!?!?!? wow.