Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have a syndrome

I woke up halfway through my trip to Vancouver with a kind of numb, pins and needles feeling in the two smallest fingers on my left hand. I thought I must have been sleeping on the hand and it would go away on its own. But 3 weeks later and it's still there. According to the internet I probably have something called ulnar tunnel syndrome, most common in old people (I'm 34). The problem stems from the elbow and bending your arm too much. I had probably been overdoing it at the gym - going every day and doing a lot of front crawl swimming. I hadn't even heard of ulnar tunnel before - why don't they warn you about this? I'm seeing a physiotherapist tomorrow for a consulation. In the meantime I am not supposed to bend my arm - I'm even sleeping with a towel wrapped around it - which only stays on for about 20 seconds. In the worst case scenario they have to operate on your arm (fun!), but at the moment I'm taking anti-inflammatories in the hope it will go away on its own. I don't take illness very well and have been a bit tetchy and dramatic (huge understatement) about it. My poor long-suffering fella has taken the brunt.

And this had been such a healthy year for me so far. Still, I can put that down to a) not being a vegetarian any more - sorry Bambi. And b) getting the flu jab last November. It's coming up to that time of year again and I recommend anyone who gets a lot of colds to get it. I've had a year of NO COLDS. And it's been great. A couple of times I've felt like I was about to get a cold, but it only lasted a couple of days and then cleared up by itself. It only cost £17 but I would have paid £1700 to be cold-free for a year. You don't have to have the injection done via your doctors, but quite a few travel places do it now. So book early. And watch your ulnar tunnel - cos you never know when it's going to get messed up.


KAZ said...

When the men in my life talk about 'bending their arm too much' they mean when they lift the pint glass off the bar.
Good to know you did this in the gym and are looking after yourself.

tempgirl said...

i've had RSI twice. apparently i can stop it occurring but this entails not typing for long periods ever again, which is kinda impractical.