Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Go Team!

While in Canada, I've become addicted to Two-A-Days, MTV's reality tv show about a High School football team in Alabama. It's full of unintentionally camp drama - episode 1 focussed on the fraught relationship between uber-hunk Alex and dragqueen cheerleader Kirsten. It transpired that Alex may or may not have spent time alone with Keagan, and matters were made only worse when Keagen painted Alex's number on herself during the big game - only Kirsten is allowed to do that! OH MY GOD! In episode 2, Kirsten seeks solace with Goose - though I doubt it'll go anywhere - Goose is at best "friend" material.

As this is the deep south, religion is everywhere and the Coach's inspirational speeches regularly feature references to God and the baby Jesus. All of the boys have exactly the same hairstyle - a kind of weird, swept forward and to the side affair.

It's also damn homoerotic - locker-room scenes regularly feature the boys stripping off to their jockstraps or bathing in a tub of ice. And really, with all this right-wing heteronormativity on display, the only way to cope with this programme is to imagine that they are all characters from nifty | gay male | athletics . If you like them big and dumb, then this is the show for you.


jetpack said...

have you seen MTV's "laguna beach" yet? It's amazing. It's "the real O.C." Incredibly whiny rich brats in giant houses overlooking the sea, filmed fly on the wall. It's beautiful and tragic.

fin de fichier said...

I would question the unintentionality of any campness from MTV. Remember they might be portraying rubes but the producers are from the "we were sipping latte before the rest of the country was sipping latte" classes in NYC and LA.
And jetpack, "beautiful and tragic"? Like Swan Lake? Surely you are being unintentionally camp? Haha. Here is the best take on Laguna Beach:


jetpack said...

I mean tragic(ally) awful

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