Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Princess and the Pixel

Two years ago, I described on this web log, my travails at buying a new tv. The short version of the story is that I bought a really expensive one, and then the picture gave me headaches due to a rarely publicised phenomena called the "rainbow effect" which a small number of people are susceptible to, if they watch DLP televisions. Anyway, the tv shop wouldn't take it back, so I had to sell it on ebay and buy another one, a plasma one, which I decided I hated. So I sent that back (having purchased it over the internet the shop HAD to refund the money) and got another one, at which point my fella threatened to leave me if I didn't like it. (Actually, if you look very closely, you can see a faint white horizontal line that refuses to go away, but never mind).

Last week, the 10 year old combinbation tv/video in the bedroom broke for good. So it was time to get a new one. We decided to buy an LCD flatscreen with a combination DVD player. Anyway, I get it home and it's great. The picture is really clear. It looks fantastic as a piece of room furniture. I love it. I start watching one of my Dallas DVDs, one which details an intense friendship between Bobby Ewing and a 10 year old boy and could probably never be filmed today. There's a lot of scenes of them chatting together, in the open air, against a cloudless Texan backdrop. Then I notice there seems to be a fly above Bobby's shoulder. It doesn't move. The scene changes, and the fly is still there, though this time it's in Sue Ellen's (rather jutting) teeth. Then it's on Miss Ellie's breast (soon about to be removed due to the breast cancer storyline).

I look closer. It's not a fly at all. It's a black speck. And it won't go away. I look on the internet and discover that my tv has a "dead pixel". Apparently, you can't return them as being faulty if they only have a few dead pixels. To be honest, for the most part, you can't even see it. You have to be really concentrating and even then it only shows up like 10% of the time. My fella can't see it at all.

But I feel like the little boy in Sixth Sense. Rather than seeing dead people, I see dead pixels. This is the downside of me having had laser eye surgery five years ago. I now have eyesight of almost superhero proportions. If only they could invent a laser to correct my neuroticism, I'd be perfect!


jetpack said...

Apparently some manafacturers think that up to 5 or even 7 dead pixels is acceptable. It would bug me too. Can't you take it back to the shop and say it's just not satisfactory (as opposed to faulty). I'm sure your consumer rights would cover that if you don't wait too long

david said...

i had a dead pixel on my lcd. i was told to rub the screen near the dead pixel in a circular motion using a spectacle cleaning cloth. it worked!

KAZ said...

Sorry - nothing to do with the post, but just thought I'd offer my condolences on the death of Vladimir Tretchikoff.