Friday, August 18, 2006

New soap, old soap

Thank God Big Brother is over. This year has been more excruciating than usual. I gave up watching a month ago, sickened by the producer bias. continuing intervention and "twists". I did catch the final tonight though - predictably, Pete won. He'd held the voters to ransom, bleating on incessantly about having some "vision" about a big spiral and his dead friend coming down from Heaven and needing to win otherwise God would have failed him and he would "lose himself". Rather than winning, he should have immediately been taken away in an ambulance - it's either the ravings of a schizophrenic having LSD flashbacks or plain simple cynical manipulation. I'd place my bets on the latter. As usual for female contestants, Nicki and Aislyne got booed to varying degrees. Nicki decided not to play ball and stared into space during her "interview", until the producers screamed down Davina's headpiece "Get her off! Now!" Davina tried to grin her way through it, but it left another nasty taste in the mouth. Let them all fade into the obscurity they deserve.

I've been watching the third season of Dallas on DVD. Filmed in 1979, it brought back my childhood - at the age of 7, I used to sneak out of bed and ask for a drink of water, as I knew my mother used to watch it and I wanted to see it too. I'd then sit on the edge of the chair in my dressing gown and sip the water so slowly, while taking big gulps at the antics of JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby and Lucy onscreen, until my mother caught wind of what I was doing and packed me off to bed. I didn't know what Dallas was, but I knew it was "naughty" and "grown up". Looking at it now, it's interesting to see a) how the storylines were repeated again and again through other soap operas since - the kidnapped baby, the bad sister who sleeps with her brother-in-law, the estranged parents, genetically inherited diseases, breast cancer... b) how standards of physical attractiveness have developed since those days - Lucy would never be allowed on tv these days - too "fat". Bobby would never get to be the leading man - his chest is puny in comparison to today's superhero men. JR's hair looks plastic and he has unsightly dark circles. Sue Ellen's teeth stick out. Cliff Barnes looks like a bag lady. By today's standards they resemble The Munsters rather than a powerful family of oil barons. c) It's still addictive though. Some things can't be improved on.


PoetX said...

It's funny that you mention Nikki and Dallas in the same post. Did you not think she looked like Charelene Tilton (Lucy the poison dwarf) as she emerged from the house again.
Aislyene certainly was this years Makosi re the boo's though wasn't she, though I think this time they were undeserved.
I'm certainly with you on the cynicism of Pete's "vision" story. A gross use of manipulating the viewing public!
Still, I couldn't give it up and watched it from start to finish despite the show's lack of integrity this year. It was like a bad habit you knew you should give up but couldn't!

Oh well roll on next year !!!

jetpack said...

Bobby Ewing got pretty hunky towards the end - I notice these things!