Friday, August 04, 2006

Holiday snaps

Sitting in a fighter plane in San Diego (apparently the gay porn capital of the world).

My favourite outfit from the Liberace Museum. I don't think his knees looked that good though.

Roller Derby at Downtown Las Vegas. Apparently this ultra-violent all-girl sport had escaped my notice until now. At first it looked like a re-enactment of one of my favourite films Switchblade Sisters, but it does actually have proper rules and everything, despite the fact that it just seemed to be about big girls sending each other flying into the (scared) audience.

Me at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. If I can only hold that posture for the rest of my life...

Vegas from helicopter. Our hotel was the fake New York one.

Advert we saw at the airport. I think if I stayed in Las Vegas I would turn into this woman.


jetpack said...

that's Mariah Carey

matty said...

No, Jetpack -- that is my mom striking pose in her backyard in Texas. Sad.

Glad you guys had a great time!

Now, come back to SF and you two could really help me re-create THE SANDPIPER!!!! Even know where the house is! Come on! It will be fun. B had trouble getting Dick's lines right.

Lubin - I will even let you be Liz if you like! Come on! Come to SF!!! We will just have to keep you and your fella away from the Great White sharks which were out in abundance this weekend! Yikes!

JayMaster said...

Looks great! I have been to SF and parts of California - but never made it to the grand canyon - will have to combine with next trip to Dollywood and Vegas - but not until bush is dead and buried (literally or metaphorically - not bothered which!)