Sunday, July 09, 2006

You'll never work in this town again

I have been playing "The Movies" for most of the afternoon. You play a Hollywood movie mogul who has to build a studio of film stars. As the decades progress from the 1920s to the present day, the fashions change, hairstyles seem to get more outrageous and the films get better and the stars develop drink problems and get fat, meaning that they have to spend time in rehab or having lipsuction. My stars are a nightmare - they throw constant tantrums, walk off set and go and get drunk and complain that their trailer isn't ritzy enough (despite me kitting it out with baseball hoops and flower beds). They constantly compare themselves to the other stars in my stable - raise the salary of one of them and the others all start screaming and bitching instantly. What's most ironic though, is that all the films I've produced so far have been absolute crap! My studio is the worst one in Hollywood and my actors are consistently get rubbish reviews.

There is a "movie making" facility where you can create your own movies and add voice-overs to them. But I haven't tried it yet as I'm too busy being addicted to churning out more trash from my studio. It's one of those games where you look up and five hours have passed and you have no idea where they went to... There's a demo download at the site, so play it at your peril!


matty said...

I'm far too concerned about getting a gift wrapping room constructed in my new mansion to worry with the biz of my studio. Valentino and Gloria are such bitches!

this sounds fun!!!

Malcolm said...

Is there a feature in this game that allows you to delete old film sets? My studio got full and I couldn't buy any more sets :(

The highest that one of my films has charted is number 2. All the rest have been below 25!!

It's very addictive though!

Lubin said...

Yes, you need to grab hold of a builder and move it onto the yellow circular icon that appears next to a building - that allows you to sell a building, including film sets. There's another icon which lets you move them also.