Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two very heavy ideas

Thanks to Trashbinder for the link.

I first saw Beyond the Valley of the Dolls about ten years ago. It blew me away - an hour and a half of mescalin-injected kitsch with hyper-fast editing, an improbable soap opera storyline, bewildering array of characters, funky 1970s slang and some of the hippest musical numbers around. I became slightly obsessed with porn star Ashley St Ives, her shrieks of "Bentley" during car-sex and her predatory, lascivious glares. I tried to track down Michael Blodgett's (Lance Rock) acting credits on the internet movie database, got the bootleg copy of the soundtrack and hosted Beyond the Valley of the Dolls parties at my home for my bemused friends. For a while, I would only consider new friendships with people if they had seen and loved this film. And it was the film that made me want to go and watch all of Russ Meyer's other movies - although only really Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! lived up to BVOD.

If you haven't seen the film, then the clip below is the ad for it - it's even faster, buzzier and more hyper than the film itself. It's a one way trip all the way down...

"This is what living is all about"


matty said...

I do so love this film. I first saw it while on drugs in 1984.

I can't decide if I like it as much as VALLEY OF THE DOLLS ( that is art, after all) but I do love it.

God bless the Carrie Nations.

...and Eddy Williams! " just sit back and let me play!"

Tho, I do think it unfair that Roger Ebert is allowed to call others down for their cinematic work when he actually wrote this "masterpiece"

It would be such fun to hang with you and have a film fest weekend!

matty said...

Did the UK get the newly remastered DVD edition of Valley of the Dolls!?!? It is sooooo cool! cute little reproductions of the lobby cards and all sorts of extras!!! Neat O -- I picked up the DVD of Beyond, too. It got the same royal treatment.

I tossed my UK copy of both (which prior to this were the only editions to be had on DVD)