Saturday, June 24, 2006

On another note - I don't seem to be able to post pictures to Blogger any more. I suspect I may have reached my 300 MB capacity. I don't want to go back and delete pictures from old posts. So I don't know what to do about it. Has anybody else had this issue?


Trashbinder said...

I was in the middle of a post earlier today and blogger just started to refuse adding any more pictures.

Frustrating, and I haven't been able to post the article either.


matty said...

Hasn't happened to me yet --- but I know it will.

I was thinking I would start a new blog when it does happen and just link to the one I have now. ???

I think there is a way to pay blogger too --- for more space. Not sure how much it is, tho. I do know I can't afford it.

Groc said...

wha...? you haven't got yourself a flickr account from where you can host your pikturs? where have you been?